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Jaux Ion is former resident DJ at DeejayClub Bali. Born and raised in Bali, since young age music became his big passion. On his 19th yo he started to develop an interest in the art of mixing too and started practicing his skills at CDBS Radio Bali.


In the 90’s while learning and improving his DJ knowledge, he was working at CDBS radio program “CDBS Disco Tricks”, by playing live house music. After 1 year of Radio experience, he played his first live set in Sanur Hello Bali Hello club, spinning classic house music.


Because of his personal own style and charisma on top of his technical skills behind the turntable, Jaux Ion became a popular and appreciated DJ in the night scene of Bali, reason why famous clubs in Bali such as Rasa Sayang, Janger, Gado Gaoo, 66 Club, Scandal Diskotik and DeejayClub called him to become resident DJ. His career flourished throughout the 90’s and for the all decade in 2000.


In 1992 he participated in the Indonesian DJ Festival contest in Jakarta qualifying himself as nr 3 DJ in Indonesia.


Beside playing as resident DJ in clubs, Jaux Ion played also at rave parties in Bali, Sanur Dreamisland and Gili Trawangan .


In 2016 he started playing also as Shahada—a producing psytrance duet—in some rave Parties in Sanur and in 2017 he attended as Shahada the famous Earthcore festival in Victoria— Melbourne.


He played underground music also in other clubs in Bali such as Pyramid, Mint, Mirror ,Klapa, and lately also Red Ruby and Opera. He has been hosted as DJ in Jakarta , Jogyakarta and Surabaya.


During his career he shared the stage with international Deejays such as 23 Street, Jerome Ismae, Max Freegrant, Jennifer Rene, Daniel Portman, Dennis Sheperd, Bobina, Christina Novelli, Kyau & Albert, Yuji Ono, Max Graham, Raf Fender, Weekend Heroes, Tsuyoshi Tomi , Liquid Soul , Coming Soon, Raja Ram, Morthen Granau, Berg and Vini Vici.


With 25 years of bright, intense and solid career, Jaux Ion knowledge of the Night Scene and Entertainment market makes him a reference figure for all DJs from the old school to the new rising DJs including his daughter Maira who is a DJ too now playing in several different clubs and events in Bali.


All in all, here are the two mottos of Jaux Ion Whatever type of music you choose keep working with it ! You don’t stop dancing because your grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing.


Thanks for booking!

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