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Michael Vagas is one of Bali's Best International DJ, mixing, managing, designing and creating regular events in most famous venues around Bali and Southeast Asia, been voted BEAT MAG top 3 Best Dj Bali 2015-2018.

Counting residencies in many big venues, Sky Garden Super Club Bali for over 4 years, now in Bali's beast & biggest beach Club "Finn's Beach Club" Canggu also part of the INN'famous Underground Club "KOH" DJ team & Red Rubby Club Regular DJ, doing most DEHOOI Jakarta Special Events, simultaneously playing big Clubs & Parties in over seas cities.

After 15 Years in South East Asia, based 9 years in Bali and 6 years in Jakarta with many residency and music programming experiences working.

Established for more than 20 years in the International Music Industry

 on different records labels, now with famous Label SAFARI MUSIC  RECORDS & SAFARI TECH RECORDS, also worked on projects with Brizza Music, ShamanElectro Records, Rare Music, Electronica Recording & joined Indonesia best Records labels and Clubs groups Ruler Rekordz, Fiter Funk, Embassy group, Hugo's group, CEO of Locos Underground Production House & BASAH Group Jakarta/Bali

Michael also love full moon and open air party where only high energy music Progressive and Psychedelic are played.

Michael Vagas is originally from Switzerland. He describes himself as a Tech House Psy Electro Shaman sharing new possibilities for being human through his DJ act playing a unique CosmicStyle of Tech Psychedelic Prog Deep House Set.

He is indeed a DJ with excellent credentials, consistently wowing crowds with his technical brilliance, distinctly unique mixing style and energy behind the decks.

His sets are always fresh, original and well thought about.

Michael mixes and produces tech house, deep house, electro and progressive tinged house with twisted uplifting EDM and he is also a pure, deep n' funky house lover.

The music Michael Vagas plays depends on what Venue he is booked but you can always expect his sets to be melodic, tech electro housey progressive and dance floor friendly proving his passion for the sounds he plays. 


Thanks for booking!

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