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10 Types of People Living in Bali

Have you been to Bali ? Or you are thinking to visit soon?

Wondering what type of people you will encounter during your stay in the magical island of Gods? Here you go....

1. The Artists

This is not a joke, but almost everyone who live in Bali is either an Architect, Singer, Dj, Musician, Make up artist, Models, Designers, Jewellers, Crafters, and the rest is learning "the art of making money"

2. The Alcoholics

Thanks to the high competition of bars and clubs around the island, If you were not an alcoholics before, there's a big chance that you will be. Bali is full of good deals of alcohol everywhere. 2-4-1 is Bali's favourite promo! Almost every beach clubs, restaurants do buy 1 get 1 free after lunch hours. Some even take it to an extreme with their Free Flow All You Can Drink Alcohol for three hours for IDR 150,000 Nett.

3. Beach Babes

The heart and soul of Bali is it's beaches. Babes from all over the world is covering the coasts every sunset with their summer body and instagram ready. Their main spot is now around Echo beach, Canggu all the way to Pererenan beach. Beach babes is addicted to smoothie bowl, vegan ice cream, and coconut oil.

For more information on the best beaches in Bali..

Bitches in Bali
Bikinis Model | Bali Beach

4. Daredevils

Dear extreme sport lover, the island is ready for you. There are many heart pounding activity from fly boarding, cliff jumping, swimming with sharks, canyoning, free diving, paragliding, rock climbing, and many more...

We can also count all the young start-up entrepreneurs as the daredevils, myself included, as business life in beautiful Bali isn't as beautiful as Bali's sunset.

For more activity for the daredevils..

Fire2Air Bali
Flyboard in Nusa Dua, Bali

5. Digital Nomads

Oh, the spirit of nomad life! Having a productive life without time restriction and living life to the fullest. As home of thousands of digital nomad, Bali is flooded with co-working, co-living space for the digital nomad community.

Digital Nomad Bali
Co-living Co-working in Bali

6. Expats

Cheers to the people who feel in love with the simple pace of life of Indonesian and decided to stay longer than their 30-days tourist visa, and they just get cosier year after year. They open a business, married the local, investing in property, and many have been on the island for decades. It is not easy for them to deal with visas situations and work restriction, but many of them made it through the ups and downs.

Tech Warrior Team in Bali

7. Frequent Flyers

Thanks to Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Batik Air, Qantas, and Jet Air.. For frequent flyer it is so easy to purchased a good deal on flight ticket to Bali. There's many visitors who is coming every year, or even twice to just re-charge their soul and just enjoy bali living for days or weeks.

8. Locals

I am sure you have heard, or read somewhere about how nice, polite, friendly, and kind the people of Bali. It is true, the culture and traditions of balinese is so infectious to everyone living in the island. Gratitude towards Mother Earth, The Gods, and each living being for everyday life. It is something very soothing if you are just coming from a fast paced city, where life is only work and money.

Event Bali
Balinese Smile

9. Surfers

Warm and sunny all year long ( well except for November ) with inexpensive accommodation, food and beverages, Bali is absolutely the ultimate paradise for surfers enthusiast. Most of the surfers reside in Uluwatu area, Bukit, Balangan, of course Canggu and Pantai Keramas has been gaining popularity recently.

Wave Riding | Bali

10. Zen Seekers

You must have heard about Ubud. The town for meditation, yoga retreat, surrounded by forests and rice terrace with great selection of wonderful spa and massage parlours. Ubud is the ultimate heaven to unplugged from the busy life. The people of Ubud is obsessed about energy, healing, and health.

So there's TOP 10 types of people who are living in Bali.

On the next article, I am intrigued to write about "The Entrepreneurs of Bali"

Thank you for reading!

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