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Appreciation Letter to #Sales People

Sales is hard. The stereotype that, "You can talk to people, you'd be great at sales." couldn't be further from the truth in today's competitive environment.

Night Market

It's truly a discipline and an art.

Going into every conversation with a goal, Navigating that conversation, Trying to show your value, but not too much. Knowing when to sell and when to listen. Overcoming objections,

Familiar with rejections, Educating folks who a lot of times don't want to be educated in the most tactful way possible. Working with the ops team internally to execute on your promises, and many more pressure coming from both sides of customers and organisations.

Candy Crush Market

Ask a non-sales person to do this, they might be okay doing it for a day. But over and over, day in and day out? Nope.

Anyone that looks at a salesperson and thinks "It can't be that hard" should be asked to do what we do for a day. Hats off to all my sales homies out there.

Keep doin' you and you are appreciated !!!

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