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The advantages of using cashless payment system for your events in Bali

If you been to music festivals in Bali, you might have seen some of this events are going cashless. There are two familiar system that often use around the island. One is Pouch Nation, and the other one is Tappit.

Pouch Nation has been around for a few years. Their services is not limited to cashless payment, but also registration, ticketing, and reporting. Tappit in the other hand, is just providing only the cashless payment system at the moment.

However, I am surprised at the rate they are charging for customers to use their system. It goes up to IDR 30,000,000 per event. It is quite high, in my opinion.

So, coincidently I met a very bright young man who develop the system better. He call it "Blitap". His system has been implemented to a few parties around, and I must say it is really good. Flawless for medium scale operation 100-2000 pax event.

After a while of observing, here's a few facts I gather from the experience of using

Cashless Payment System on music events ( 1000-2000 attendees )

3D Mapping concept by GEM Production

1. Fast Transaction

If you have been to Bali, or have lived here for sometimes, you will know the island lifestyle. Everybody is so chill, that the concept of "rush"does not exist. Everyone working in their own pace. So using the CPS can cut down the transaction time by 70-80% reducing the chance of your customer having bad experience from the length of waiting time.

2. Increase in Revenue

This is true story! People spend more once they have top-up their bracelet. Once they have their bracelet, and the transaction become so fast, people consume more..

People tend to put more money on the second top-up because they would avoid to keep coming back to token station to top up. ( So don't worry, if you have a few clients complaining about how inconvenient it is to use the system. You will see the results after the events. In the end more revenue will keep your boss and sponsors very happy )

3. Enhance the Experience

Imagine if you have multiple vendors or you are having multiple station in your event.

Now you can see the report in real time who's or what products is actually works and what is not. What your customer preference. This is a valuable report to have to make your next event better.

Interested to give it a try? Let us know!

We are happy to assist you on your cashless payment system experience.

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