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Catering for Villa Party in Bali?

Yes! Thats right!

When you hire us as your Coordinator for your special day in Bali..

We do offer a little Catering package for an intimate lunch or dinner.

With only IDR 125.000/pax

of minimum 20pax..

Papa Sauce Catering
Papa Sauce Villa Party Catering

You will get the following :

3 - Appetizers

🍽 Chicken curry spring rolls

🍽 Cheesy croquette with ham n cheese

🍽 Tuna melt squares

3 - Main Course

🍽 Ceasar salad with grilled chicken

🍽 Live satay of your meat choice

🍽 Traditional Cutlets with Garlic Mash

3- Condiments

🥣 Papa Sauce - Creamy Mushroom Sauce

🥣 Adobo Chipotle Mayo

🥣 Zrazy Fusion

3- Butler to assist you from set up til. Clear up.

To find out more details, feel free to send a quick whatsapp to +6281282356882

See you in Bali 👋

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