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Entrepreneurship tip : Dealing with Disappointment

As long as you have expectation, you are susceptible to disappointment. If you are the type of person who believe in others, who wants the best to happen, then you have to be ready to be disappointed. It is not the best feeling in the world. but it's normal.

So, what to do when it happen?

1. Be Sad !

First thing first, no point of denying the feeling. Shit happen. And it suck when it happens to you. Give yourself sometime to feel the feelings. Cry, Scream, Sleep, Cry again....

Allow yourself to feel vulnerable. Accept it.

2. After rain, comes sunshine !

You can not be sad for more than three days or a week. After rain, comes sunshine.

The sun always rises after the dawn. After happiness, comes sadness. after sadness comes happiness.

Life is like a wheel. Sooner or later, it always come around to where you started again. - Stephen King

Accept the natural circle of life. But be sure you will be ready when it's time to get back up. Care for yourself. Giving up is never the right solution. - remember that.

3. Count your blessing !

There was a song from my childhood that I sing every time I feel disappointed.

"A happy heart is a potent drug, but a broken spirit dries the bone. Happy heart is the key"

Start doing things that makes you happy. Im sure you can think about something else beside work, beside the people who makes you miserable. For me it's always singing. After I finish a few days of crying ( or probably a hundred ways to kill myself ) I grab my guitar and start singing my heart out. Then I meditate, or do some hypnosis to let go of all the negative attachment in my mind.

Start counting all the blessings you still have. You still have food today, you have the roof on top of your head, you still got access to the internet, all the good things that happen to you... one by one... count it all. be sure to fall asleep feeling grateful.

4. Free Writing

I took one course of psychology in university. one of the practice we like to do is free writing. this is when you take a piece of paper. and start writing everything, anything that comes to your mind. keep going.... write everything in your mind until there's nothing left to write.

Dont stop, dont think... stop when you cant think about anything else :)

This trick always work to get the suffocation out of my body.

5. Reach Out

Let someone know how you feel. If you cant talk to anyone close to you.. download some app.

there's so many anonymous app now that allows you to send strangers your "message in a bottle". you will be surprise how many people is feeling as miserable as you. You are not alone.

6. Help someone else.

What I realised after having countless disappointment is... The best cure is to be selfless.

Offer others your help. a little act of kindness like asking people "What can I do to make you feel better?" is the number one solution to your heartache.

We are feeling disappointed because we are too caught up with our own self. Shifting the focus into someone else, will lift up your burden.

That's how I cope with my own disappointment. How do you cope?

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