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KRATOM | Product of use, not a product to abuse

If you are here, you must have heard or use kratom before or you are about to. Unfortunately there are many people trying to monetise this magnificent plant and ended up giving this plant a bad name. Kratom is often associated with heroin or weed. It is wrong and untrue.

Kratom is a tropical family tree, to simplify let say Kratom is the cousin of Coffee.

Therefore, when you go to coffee shop, people usually never request more than double espresso to drink right away. If you drink too much coffee, you will get stomachache, nausea, and the heart beating faster than usual right? Same rules goes for Kratom.

To get one thing right,

Kratom is not for getting high. Kratom is not a substitute of weed, Kratom can not make you high.
Kratom gives you energy, calm you nerves, and give you a slight euphoria feelings.
Kratom is not addictive
You can be addicted to "good mood" which is the side effect of kratom, but not to the kratom itself
Kratom is a natural product, in form of tea leaves or powder

Strains Summary


Green kratom often gives its user the energy boost. Best to use in early morning, especially for people who are always feeling tired early in the morning. Green kratom can be use as substitute of coffee.

Red Red Kratom user are mostly middle-age people who would like to relax in the afternoon after work. Red Kratom works as calmer or relaxer. Work best for evening.


White Kratom is no doubt the best selling item in the market. White Kratom is mostly use by young and busy professional to keep their mind in sharp focus, and help them being chatty and always in a good mood. Many have said White Kratom help with Creative Block

Yellow /Gold

This particular strains serves a different function then the rest. Yellow kratom is stronger than the other strain. This one is often use for anxiety attack, and withdrawal from other substance

How to use kratom ?

The most popular method would be mixing the powder with water. And that is the most disgusting way to do Kratom ever.

The best way to do kratom is to buy the "Kratom Leaves" instead of "Kratom Powder"


1. Use 2-3 grams / 2 tea spoon of kratom leaves

2. Pour hot water to your tea cup

3. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes

4. Add 2 teaspoon of honey

5. Wait until your tea is ready to drink ( or add ice )

Some people add lemon, or chocolate milk, but no method can takeaway the horrible taste away like honey :)

Would you like to try ?

POWER POWDER available for delivery

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