The out-of-home advertising industry has been growing strongly in Indonesia. Traditional outdoor advertising includes billboards, posters, wallscapes, digital bulletins all have benefits but none of them can match the impact and universal coverage of Taxi Advertising. Branded taxis spend their working days in the busiest parts of the city reaching a concentrated and varied audience.


As the Best Real Estate Agencies Southeast Asia 2018 nominated by The Dot Property, BVR Group collaborate with PT. Global Event Management (GEM) commit to expand into industries that can support its current business unit and all its clients. The company realises that there’s a huge opportunity in non-conventional out of the box taxi advertising. Therefore, BVR Group & GEM decided to invest in the taxi advertising industry so that the company can reap the market that’s growing.    


Bali successfully captivated the world’s attention and it’s crowned the World’s Best Destination by Trip Advisor. In 2018, Bali attracted more than 15 million foreign tourists. Thus, there is a large opportunity for local and international businesses to build their brand in Bali.


Taxi advertising is very attractive and cost-effective outdoor marketing solution for any type of businesses. Having the exclusive taxi advertising in Bali, BVR Group and GEM is committed in providing many options tailored to your business needs in attracting clients to increase your revenue and build your corporate branding.


A moving billboard with unlimited coverage that works anywhere and anytime

Installed on full length and both side of the taxi. Using full-color high quality sticker.

Approximately about 3.80m x 0.80m & 1.90m x 0.80m per side.