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Plan your event in Bali - What do you need to make it unforgettable

Bali is indeed a magical place.

To celebrate a special day for special someone in the island of Gods is guarantee an unforgettable memories for the lucky person you are reading this for.

Here's the secret ingredient on how to make it extra special !

Find the best venue. If you are a small group of less than 10 people, renting a nice villa will be the best option. 3 - 6 Bedroom villa with large living room, garden, and pool will be costing between IDR 2.000.000 - IDR 7.000.000/ Night depending on location, and how luxurious the utilities in the venue. - Best location would be Ubud, Pererenan, Lovina, or Canggu. Find out if you prefer beach, jungle, or modern theme for your event.

The Food. Wether you choose to cook, or order a catering.. when it comes to food, Bali has it all. European, Russian, Chinese, Vegan.. Everything you want.. it is available.

But while in Bali.. If you are into Asian spice, or Rice.. here's something special you might want to know.


Megibung is a tradition in many Indonesian region. It means 'sharing'

The tradition begin in 16th Century, the sharing food is symbolising togetherness.

The rule of megibung ! No dropping food back to the banana leave. No sneezing. Not taking food from the other side, and no one leaving until everyone finish eating.

Nasi Tumpeng

This mountain like yellow rice, has a very deep meaning. This special dish is usually use to celebrate a big moment in life. The mountain symbolise our relationship with Gods and the blessings in life. The first cut is given to the person you are celebrating, to gives them motivation in life to never give up, and a prayer to make sure they will make it to the TOP.

Now, the best part..


Our current favourite in non-rainy season is Boho Picnic Set up .

Latex or Macaroon Balloon Set up. Balloon decor is not always only for child.

well, there's always a child in you. Bring them out.

*Ballon Set up - IDR 500.000 / 150 Balloon

Photo/Video Always remember, a picture has a magic to make a moment last forever

Hire a photographer to capture all the best moment. Put your phone away, and just live the moments with your love ones.

Now the optional addition ,

Alcohol / Entertainment..

Bali is blessed by talented musician, mixologist, and affordable alcohol...

If your budget allowed, it is possible to do a champagne party for only IDR 450.000/pax

There are many other things you can add to make it even better...

If you would like to consult, feel free to send us a text on Whatsapp +6281282356882

Thank you for reading.

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